Saturday, June 21, 2014

Tickets are booked

In honor of booking yet another flight to Florida--

This was almost exactly a year ago, where my sister and her boyfriend at the time (husband now...) were standing in PDX. We tend to go down to Florida quite often to visit my grandparents. Now, once again we have booked our flights for this year! I'm beyond excited due to the fact that we will be there in a little over a month. I love love love plane rides and the airport and everything that consists of it.

A little weird..? Maybe so.

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  1. Hi Ash! Thanks for your comment on my blog. It was so lovely of you. Feel free to follow my blog on bloglovin if you wish.

    In terms of getting coverage, blogging is always tricky. For me, I like to make connections with other bloggers who have a similar reach to me. I befriend them through comments and emails and sometimes they will follow me back and we start to form relationships. Blogging is one big community and like a community, you cant expect to make friends unless you go up to someone and say hello :)